"Finantial Solutions for Middle market companies"

Cell Finanzas is an independent financial advisory firm founded in 2010 by an experienced management team with a long track record in financial transactions and business administration.

Cell Finanzas provides a range of corporate finance services, including the design, structuring and execution of corporate debt and capital transactions, refinancing, debt restructuring and dealing, with a focus on financing solutions for middle market companies.

Cell Finanzas offers its services to companies, shareholders, investors. We are mostly focused on the Middle Market companies, a segment that is not easely served by mayor investment banks and financial services firms.

We adapt financial solutions used by large companies to middle market companies , whenever possible, standardising the financing and refinancing processes.

We offer services of the highest quality and value added, contributing the experience and know-how that is needed to propose original solutions for the financing needs of our clients, which enables us to maintain stable, direct and enduring relationships with our clients.

Cell Finanzas team has extensive experience in managing leading blue chip companies, so that in addition to corporate finance, we can provide a range of strategic and financial advisory services to companies and shareholders

We have successfully executed over 125 transactions of private and public financing (debt and equity) since 2010

Eight out of ten clients have completed further two or more transactions with us

We are specialized in financing transactions, debt restructurings and strategic and financial consulting projects

We work with a wide variety of financial providers: major banks, funds (equity/ debt), public institutions and private equity sponsors.

Operations and news

06-2018 |

Grupo STIN. Financiación a largo plazo.

Grupo STIN ha obtenido financiación a largo plazo, por importe de €7,1m, procedente del Banco Santander, contando...

06-2018 |

Grupo Moraval, Financiación de circulante.

Grupo Moraval ha obtenido, para una de sus sociedades participadas, una póliza de crédito con Bankinter, contando...

05-2018 |

Playground Comunicación, S.L., Préstamo Participativo ENISA.

Playground Comunicación, S.L. (Playground) ha obtenido un préstamo participativo de ENISA con el asesoramiento de...